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Ford Motor Company Livonia Transmission Plant – Livonia, Michigan, USA

The Ford Motor Company Livonia Transmission plant is a transmission manufacturing facility located in Livonia, Michigan, United States.

Established in 1952, Livonia is currently the largest transmission plant in North America, and has long served as the hub for Ford’s mass-selling transmissions. Its most notable product is the Ford 6R familly of six-speed transmissions, which has been used in a wide variety of rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive Ford products like the Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Transit.

Livonia is also responsible for putting together the Ford/GM 10R80 10-speed transmission alongside the Ford Motor Company Sharonville Transmission plant. Livonia also puts together the Ford 8F35 eight-speed automatic transmission used in front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles like the Ford Edge and Ford Escape.

This page shows information about the Ford Motor Company Livonia Transmission plant.

Quick Facts

Year opened1952
Facility size3,300,000 square feet (306,580 m2)
Land occupied182 acres
Location36200 Plymouth Road, Livonia, Michigan 48150, United States
Hourly employees2,640
Salaried employees205
Total employees2,845


TransmissionsProduction Years
6R Six-speed Transmission2011 - present
10R Ten-speed Transmission2017 - present
8F Eight-speed Transmission2017 - present

Historical Timeline

  • 1952: Transmission assembly begins at Livonia.
  • 2011: Production for the Ford 6R six-speed automatic transmission, destined for rear-wheel-drive applications, begins.
  • 2017: Ford overseas manufacturing operations for the GM/Ford 10-speed automatic transmission joint venture. Livonia, along with Sharonville, are chosen as the assembly sites. Production of the 8F eight-speed transmission for transverse applications begins the same year.


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