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Ford Motor Company Rawsonville Plant – Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

The Ford Motor Company Rawsonville plant is an automobile parts manufacturing facility located in Ypsilanti, Michigan USA.

The plant currently ranks among Ford Motor’s oldest manufacturing locations, dating its operations back to the Great Depression. Back then, it was known as the Ford Ypsilanti plant, and provided electrical systems, alternators, starter motors, starter switches, transmissions and other crucial components for the assembly of various Ford and Lincoln vehicles. As a matter of fact, fifteen percent of the facility’s operations were focused on rebuilding automotive generators and starters.

Operating as the Ford Motor Company Rawsonville plant since 1956, the complex currently assembles transmission oil pumps and battery packs for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles like the Ford Explorer, Ford Escape, Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Corsair.

The Rawsonville plant manufacturers other essential automotive components like air induction systems, ignition coils, carbon canisters, air/fuel spacers and fuel pumps, as well as kitted transmission components for the Van Dyke Transmission Plant, and sequencing of purchased parts for the Ford Motor Compnay Dearborn Truck Plant.

Quick Facts

Year opened1956 (operated under a different name since the early 1930's)
Facility size1,700,000 square feet (157,935 m2)
Land occupied94 acres
Location10300 Textile Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198, United States
Hourly employees600
Salaried employees80
Total employees680


EnginesProduction Years
Integrated air/fuel modules2005 - present
Alternators2005 - present
Air induction systems2005 - present
Starters2005 - present
Fuel pumps2005 - present
Carbon canisters2005 - present
PHEV/FHEV battery packs2005 - present

Historical Timeline

  • 2005 : Automotive Components Holding (ACH) is established by Ford Motor Company as a temporary business structure to hold and manage 17 automotive components factories and six research, testing and other facilities acquired from Visteon. Among them is the Rawsonville installation, formerly known as the Ypsilanti plant. The facilities are acquired by Ford Motor primarily to ensure that its operations are not affected by parts-supply disruptions or Visteon’s ability to invest in future programs while experiencing a period of severe financial challenge.
  • 2009: The Rawsonville components plant is bought back by the Ford Motor Company.
  • 2020: The facility focuses its operations on ventilator production to aid during the COVID-19 Coronavirus global pandemic.


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