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Ford Bronco Raptor

The Bronco Raptor is expected to be an upcoming ultra high-performance variant of the Ford Bronco.

We have gathered the following information via research and information gathering. Some of the details contained herein are speculative. This page is a continuous work-in-progress and will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest information about the upcoming Bronco Raptor.

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Here’s what we expect from the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor:


  • The Bronco Raptor is expected to be an all-terrain SUV intended for high-speed desert-storming as well as any other kind of off-roading.
  • The no-compromises Bronco Raptor is expected to be the ultimate expression of the revived Bronco family and be positioned at the top of the Bronco range in terms of capability, performance, features and price.


  • Four-door model a definite (confirmed by Ford Authority with sources familiar with the product)
    • Unclear whether two-door model will be offered
  • Bronco Raptor will have the same body as the “regular” Bronco four-door, but will feature a wider stance and wider fenders, along with unique front and rear ends that enable even more robust approach and departure angles
  • Sources have also told Ford Authority that the Bronco team is considering giving the Bronco Raptor unique lights when compared to the “regular” Bronco models.


  • Twin-turbo 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine making around 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque
    • A hybrid powertrain is possible in a future Bronco, though it’s unclear whether the hybrid will be available in the Bronco Raptor
  • 10-speed automatic transmission is a definite, as learned by Ford Authority from sources
    • A manual transmission is unlikely

Chassis & Suspension:

  • Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks with Live Valve technology – the same shocks found in the F-150 Raptor – are expected at all four corners.
  • Unique 17-inch wheels finished in black
    • Beadlock wheels will likely be optional
  • 35-inch tires – the same size as on Broncos with the Sasquatch package – will be standard
    • Tires will be sized LT315/70R17
    • Specifically, the rubber will be BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2
    • It’s possible that even larger tires will be offered.

Teasers, Spy Shots, Leaks & Rumors


It has been assumed that the ultra-high-performance version of the Bronco will be called Raptor. The name was also confirmed via a job description of a Ford engineer. However, another possible name for the vehicle is Bronco Warthog, which Ford has filed to trademark.

For the time being, we will refer to the ultra-high-performance model with desert storming capabilities as the Bronco Raptor, while believing that the Warthog name will be used on a different Bronco variant.

Production Location

The Bronco Raptor will be assembled alongside the “regular” Bronco models at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) in Wayne, Michigan, USA. MAP is the only facility in the world to build the Bronco.

Release Date & Availability

The Ford Bronco Raptor is expected to go into production in mid-2022 as a 2023 model year vehicle.

Sales Numbers

See our running Ford Bronco sales tracker, which will include figures for the Bronco Raptor.


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