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The 2020 Ford F-MAX is a heavy-duty cabover (cab over engine) flat-nosed truck used for commercial and industrial applications. Produced by Ford Otosan, a subdivision of the Ford Motor Company in Turkey, the F-MAX was introduced in 2018 as a replacement to the long-running Ford Cargo.

Sold as a “one size fits all” Tractor configuration, the F-MAX comes with a 4×2 axle and powered by the Ford 13.0L Ecotorq (12.7L) diesel straight six engine capable of delivering close to 500 horsepower and 1,843 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated to a 12-speed ZF Traxon automatic gearbox.

Changes, Updates, New Features

Since the F-MAX was introduced in 2018, it doesn’t undergo many changes for the 2020 model year. Except for a reshuffling of the available trim levels and configurations, the F-MAX Tractor carries over unchanged in 2020.


  • Prominent vertical LED headlights positioned low on the truck’s fascia
  • Large “flat-nose” type windshield for optimal visibility
  • Aerodynamic side profile for maximum efficiency


  • Driver-oriented “cockpit-type” dashboard layout
  • Ergonomic seats that provide superior lumbar support for long drives
  • Integrated rest and storage area with bed

Body Styles

There is only one body style for the 2020 Ford F-MAX called the Tractor series. This body style is designed to accommodate large trailers, with the front section comprised of only the engine, transmission and cabin. The entire front fascia is flat in order to better maneuver the vehicle in tight urban areas.

The F-MAX’s cabin – or as Ford calls it: the 2.5m Mega Cab – is high and narrow, allowing its driving to stand and walk around in it. The cabin also incorporates a small resting area behind the driver and passenger seats. This is designed to allow its driver to nap during long-range trips. The roof also incorporates a large storage area.

The 2020 Ford F-MAX comes in only one configuration, with a unique wheelbase and drivetrain combination.

Model Line

  • Ford F-MAX Tractor


The 2020 Ford F-MAX currently offers one powertrain option. Here’s what to expect from the F-MAX lineup.

EngineAspirationHorsepower @ RPMTorque (lb-ft) @ RPMTransmission
12.7L EcoTorq DieselTurbo493 @ 1,800 rpm1,475 @ 1,000 rpmTwelve-speed automatic


The 2020 Ford F-MAX model lineup is as follows:

Drive WheelsTrim LevelEngine
RWDF-MAX Tractor12.7L EcoTorq Turbodiesel Straight Six


All variations of the Ford F-MAX ride on the same wheelbase and come with Ford’s 2.5m Mega Cab.


The Ford F-MAX is assembled at the Ford Otosan assembly plant in Turkey. The vehicle has been in production since 2018.


All variants of the Ford F-Max are available for order.

Beyond 2020

The 2020 Ford F-MAX is the smallest truck in a family of heavy duty Ford tractors, road vans and construction trucks. There are currently no plans at Ford to change the current F-MAX model.


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ModelFord F-MAX
Body styleCabover Tractor
DrivelineLongitudinal, rear-wheel-drive
ConstructionBody on frame
Manufacturing locationGölcük/Kocaeli, Turkey

Engines And Transmissions

EngineAspirationHorsepower @ RPMTorque (lb-ft) @ RPMTransmission
12.7L EcoTorq DieselTurbo493 @ 1,800 rpm1,475 @ 1,000 rpmTwelve-speed automatic

Tire And Final Drive Ratio

Fifth Wheel Height (mm)Final Drive RatioTireFifth Wheel Height (loaded)Fifth Wheel Height (unloaded)
1,050 mm2.47 or 2.64315/60 R22.51,069 mm1,093 mm
1,100 mm2.47 or 2.64315/60 R22.51,119 mm1,147 mm
1,150 mm2.64295/80 R22.51,163 mm1,190 mm
1,200 mm2.64295/80 R22.51,198 mm1,225 mm
1,200 mm2.64315/80 R22.51,216 mm1,241 mm
1,250 mm2.64295/80 R22.51,263 mm1,290 mm


LocationsTypeRotor Size and Type
FrontDisc with ABS with hydaulic brake assist430 mm x 45 mm (front and rear)
RearDisc with ABS with hydaulic brake assist430 mm x 45 mm (front and rear)


Exterior DimensionsValue (inches)
Overall Length234
Overall Height154
Overall Cab Length113
Ground Clearance (Front)11
Ground Clearance (Rear)9.3
Front Overhang59
Rear Overhang34


ValueAxle 1 (lb)Axle 2 (lb)Total (lb)
Technically Permissble Weights16,53425,35341,887
Curb Weight12,2925,06617,359
Max Payload4,24120,28623,205
Gross Trailer Mass97,003


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