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We expect the 2023 Ford EcoSport to be completely overhauled (redesigned and re-engineered), representing the introduction of the third generation of the nameplate.

Following is speculative and unconfirmed information about the 2023 Ford Ecosport. This page is a continuous work-in-progress and will be updated on a regular basis as we await official details from Ford.

If you notice any inaccuracies about the information provided, or have edits to suggest, please let us know here.

Expected Changes, Updates, New Features

  • All-new platform, switching to the latest version of the Ford Global B car platform shared with the Ford Puma
  • All-new exterior design
  • All-new interior
  • Larger size than outgoing, second-generation model
  • Possible production relocation to North America

Body Styles

We expect the 2023 Ford EcoSport to continue being available exclusively in one body style – a five-door, five-passenger subcompact crossover. However, this all-new model is expected to grow in size compared to the outgoing, second-generation model.


We expect the 2023 Ford EcoSport to be offered with a series of three cylinder engines mated to Ford’s eight-speed automatic transmission.


We expect the 2023 EcoSport to migrate to the latest generation of the Ford global B car platform shared with the Ford Puma and latest Ford Fiesta.


It’s currently unclear where the 2023 Ford EcoSport will be assembled. Production of the all-new model might be relocated to North America.

The outgoing, second-generation EcoSport was assembled by Ford India at the Ford Chennai plant.


We expect the 2023 Ford EcoSport to launch in late 2022 calendar year as a 2023 model year vehicle.


The 2023 EcoSport starting price is expected to be around $20,000.

Beyond 2023

We expect the 2023 model year to become the first of the third-generation Ford EcoSport, and that this generation will run for at least five years before overhauled or replaced by another model.

Sales Numbers

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