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Reply To: Maverick production


I know there is a delay in getting the Mavericks to the customers, I ordered mine Oct 26, 2021. I’ve accepted that it will be even longer before mine will be delivered. What I would like to see is a weekly update of the status of production of the Maverick, ie. Which models are being delivered and date they were ordered. Which trucks are being delayed and why.
The status report would not have to be long but enough to provide a little hope that our trucks are coming soon. Having no information or contact from Ford since I ordered my truck, not even a letter saying Ford had even gotten my order makes me a bit disgruntled. No information at all is disheartening. (PS I’ve called Customer Service they confirmed they had my order.)
I read that Ford is turning out Mavericks 800 a day, that’s a finished truck coming of the line every 53 seconds. If this is true where is my truck?

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