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Reply To: 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid XLJ


What I meant to say – Ford should honor the average guy and make the XLJ package as outlined above.
Ford can save money by stopping the roll-up windows on some vehicles. It would be easier to have the same basic power equipment on ALL models with the extra higher packages getting the more expensive equipment. Yes at the expense of the Safety Features – I’ve been driving for many years and do not need those features. A Basic Truck with a 5year, 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty would get me excited and I would become a FORD FAN!
The XLJ package would provide more income for FORD and at the same time, provide the Average “Joe”
a Basic vehicle package with some comforts and niceties that would really work well.
Thinking about it further – the Full Size Spare could be a Winter Tire with the option to purchase a second Winter Tire for $300. The spare tire is not used except for emergencies, and when Winter comes in the Eastern states, you would have two front winter tires to help with traction.
FORD – You Have The Opportunity to leave the other companies In The Dust!
Again — just my 2 cents!
The Maverick is a HIT, just make it EVEN BETTER!

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