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Reply To: Who’s in charge of shipping


I’m with you, Harvey. I special-ordered my F250 in February 2022. It was finished being built on 28 September 2022. First delivery lie was 18-28 October. Second delivery lie was 14-20 November. Third delivery period, we have yet to see if it is a lie, is 13-19 December. The truck has been sitting on ramp 1K at the Kentucky truck plant since 28 September. Two and a half months!!! One would think that a special order truck would have priority over trucks made to sit on dealer lots. But, NOOOOOOOO!

If I was CEO of Ford, I would immediately fire everybody in the shipping end of the company and replace them with competent shipping-experienced people. Whenever I call Ford to ask, “when is my truck going to ship?” all I get is the old supply chain, supply chain, supply chain answer.

I sure hope this third delivery period is correct! I NEED TO HAVE THIS TRUCK!

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