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Reply To: Transit Connect recommended fuels?


According to “another” site which doesn’t seem to offer any support to our issue other than debating what our van is or discrediting my comments.. NO one has told us why or given any reason why we can or can’t use the eFuels in our van. Furthermore if one does an inventory search of other connect sold along that time frame.. NONE are listed as being flex fueled. This has be thinking that even without the yellow fill hole or the “flex fuel” badge our van should still run on the eFuels if things get tight. Plus we’ve already run two tank fills of the eFuels in the van without issue, other than learning that we can’t top it off with just 10.00 or it will send a lean code. So if anyone has any information or actually has a flex fuel Transit Connect, We want to see and hear about it.

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