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Reply To: 19×8.5 Et40 Axe CS Lite Wheels On a 2020 Connect


Though it best to update this topic once more.. because we were in such a rush and excited to have located a set of 19” wheels we missed on critical issue.. My 2 ton floor jack which is always in the van, can’t lift the van off the ground high enough to extract the wheels. Even at it’s highest limit the wheel/tire isn’t up high enough off the ground to rotate of clean the wheels and tires. In order to correct this, one would have to buy a 4 ton jack which has a higher lift then the 2 ton. But keeping in the van was out of the question. Plus there’s no way I can lift this 4 ton jack in and out of the van. One simple solution was to use a set of barbells and I took these to the shop and had them weld up a cradle which the 2 ton jack fits into. The barbells have stop sign sharped weights so there’s no chance of the floor jack rolling. I mean if I had my own shop, then I would purchase a 4 ton. But even the scissor jack which came with the van could not lift the van high enough. it’s not the best solution, but at least it works in case we actually need the rotate, change a flat of just cleaning the wheels.

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