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Reply To: 2020 Transit Connect to Get New Set Of 40mm Rear Lowering Springs


Seems I’m not cut out to be a youtuber.. Plus been having a hard time maintaining any sort of blog. Without readers or persons to care about my topics, I’ve bene shunned form all of the Transit Connect, Hotrod, Grassroots and other car communities as users are complaining about my topics not being legit. That’s beside the point..

I’m here to say that those coil springs have been performing better than expected, but some are saying that these springs or too compressed and to them it doesn’t look good. When one compares these springs with say, Eibach same versions.. they are nearly identical. with loose ends and tightly compacted centers or ends. I believe these are called dual rate springs.

However, the rear of the van is now lower than the front. Contacting Cobra coils, I asked if they have a set of 10mm front lowering spring.. all they could offer is a set of 20mm lowering spring and that would be too much. We’re left with two options, place a spacer at the rear lifting the van.. which would defeat the lowering aspect or cut the front coils.

According to hotrod sites and Eaton springs.. here what springs can be cut and what springs can’t be cut. Our front springs have a pig tail which fits into a rubber isolator and is compressed into the strut while the lower part of the front springs has what’s called a continuous rotation. This means we can cut that end of the spring.

Later this year we’ll opt for a new set of front springs, have 5mm-8mm cut off them, send them out to be powder coated the same color as the rear springs and reinstall them on the van. Right now, we’re focused on gettign that sway abr installed instead of the frotn coil springs.

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