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Reply To: Ecoboost 2.0 Engine failures


Our 2018 Edge Titanium AWD with Ecoboost 2.0 engine is at the Ford dealership for testing and diagnosis. Our coolant consumption has continued, requiring frequent topoffs to avoid overheating issues. Misfires on cylinder #4 also continue per OBDII readout, p0304. There have been no noticeable coolant leaks, leading to the suspiscion that coolant is invading the cylinder. Per Ford’s TSB #22-2229, if this situation is confirmed a long block replacement is the indicated fix per the TSB.

Recently our Edge has been harder to start. The last time we experienced telltale “white smoke” from both tailpipes. At that point we took it to a local Ford dealership. If the cooling system pressure tests no leaks and coolant is detected by boresight, the engine will have to be replaced.

When we bought the Edge from a KIA dealership, we also bought a PowerProtect warranty on the drivetrain. The dealership and the warranty company are hopefully working to fix this issue under the warranty.

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