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Reply To: Coolant issues with the EcoBoost engines


I found a video on YouTube under “Ford 2.0L Ecoboost Engine Misfire and Coolant Consumption Issue Fix!” The video outlines the issues involved and the required repair.) Depending on the model and the year, the 4 cylinder Ecoboost engines have an issue with coolant intrusion into the cylinder(s). This is covered in detail in Ford’s TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) #22-2229.

Our vehicle is a 2018 Edge Titanium AWD. Our coolant consumption continues requiring frequent topoffs. No visible leaks, so it’s going somewhere. The coolant intrusion is causing misfires on one cylinder (which cylinder is involved can vary.) My understanding is that if the cooling system test is good – no leaks and coolant is found in the cylinder, the engine must be replaced per Ford’s TSB which indicates a long block replacement to fix the issue.

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