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Reply To: EGR Valve Replacement Leads to Other Issues


A few days ago, I thought I may have missed something while cleaning and tuning the van with the new plugs and coil packs. So I thought best to remove the airbox and the intake tube just to get a look at the throttle body.. sure enough.. there’s a small amount of carbon build up on the flapper as well as inside the throttle body. I clean what I could with throttle body cleaner. and the van runs better but we’re still getting hesitation.

Mind you 2 weeks ago, I had the trans serviced at a shop that claim they would use the BG products flush and fill and the low viscosity ATF fluid. for those two weeks the van shift very smooth.. but this fell out of that smoothness once we replaced the EGR valve. We come to the conclusion that 90% of what we’re experiencing has everything to do with poor fuel that’s bene acquired from third world counties. But I have a plan..

2 days ago, we found out or confirmed that our 2.0L GDI I4 can run on either regular gas or E85. So we’ve switched up to run just the eFuels from now on and what a difference.. with the new plugs, new coil packs, new EGR and now running on the eFuels.. the van has some pep to it again. yesterday and for the first time in 4 years, I left rubber at the store while leaving the parking lot.. the van just wants to go.. calculating some stats, we’ve concluded that this 162 Horsepower 142 torque stock van is now running 189 horsepower at 156 torque and we’re planning on doing more tweaks in the near future.

Main thing learn here, is you car/truck can run on the eFuels, best do it.. the only drawback.. less than prefect fuel economy. But we’ll take that as a trade off for more horsepower etc.

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