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Reply To: The end of the V-8? Rumors say: no more 5.0 !

Alex Luft

Hey #351Charlie — good post and good question!

Personally, I think that rumors of the death of Ford’s V8 are greatly exaggerated. My expectation is that Ford might not have two or three or four V8s, but it will at least have one. Whether it’s the 5.0/302/Coyote or the new 5.2L Voodoo or something else entirely remains to be seen… but I expect them to have at least one.

If it’s the 5.0L/302, then one thing that Ford needs to do is to give it direct injection like… yesterday. How or why this awesome motor doesn’t have this modern technology that improves power and efficiency is beyond me… unless the plan is to discontinue it and to not offer it in the first place.

But overall, there will at least be one V8 — in my (possibly humble) opinion.

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