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2018 Ford Edge Ecoboost 2.0 Engine Issues

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    We bought a 2018 Ford Edge Titanium AWD with Ecoboost 2.0 engine in January 2023. A few weeks later the Check Engine Light (CEL) lit up. Took vehicle to local mechanic, codes p0316 and p0304, …16 = sartup misfires, …04 = misfires on cylinder 04. Replaced all 4 spark plugs and codes were cleared. Just over a week later CEL lit up again, code p0304 again. Replaced ignition coil cylinder 04 and code cleared. At this point I noticed minor coolant consumption. Few days later CEL lit up again, code p0304 again. Coolant consumption continues.

    After much research it appears that this is a known issue with the Ecoboost 2.0 engine on the 2018 Ford Edge, including other Ford vehicles with this engine from around 2015 through around 2019. Ford changed the design by scoring channels between the cylinders in an ill conceived attempt to increase cooling. This bad design allows coolant to degrade head gasket leading to coolant intrusion into cylinders. Inevitably, this leads to engine failure. Apparently, Ford redesigned the Ecoboost 2.0 engine around 2020 to eliminate this issue. Ford has not recalled these engines and apparently refuses to fix the issue if the vehicle is out of warranty. The Ecoboost 2.0 engines with this bad design WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL. This issue is the direct result of Ford’s bad design making these engines unmerchantable. Ask yourself who would buy a Ford vehecle with an engine that will totally fail anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000 miles? Why has Ford not recalled these engines? Why has Ford at very least offered the same treatment to owners of these vehicles that they offered to owners of Ecoboost 1.5 engines? One lady with that engine told me Ford replaced it at no cost to her under a Ford program when her mileage was 95,000 miles! DO THE RIGHT THING, FORD! DO NOT MAKE US SUE FORD FOR EQUITABLE COMPENSATION!


    It would benefit you and others that if one has a complaint is to list it with the site also (if you have already done so)


    @LostInTransit: Yes, I have already listed complaints with the site.
    I have also filed complaints with the NHTSA and the Attorney General of Indiana, my state of residence.
    Thanks for your input…


    A Facebook friend directed me to a Ford Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) regarding the coolant consumption and misfires. Ford TSB #22-2229 was issued in June 2022. It clearly directs techs to inspoect cylinder heads for coolant intrusion. Recommended fix is engine replacement. (my paraphrase of the verbiage)
    Ford has officially admitted to being aware of this issue since at least June 2022. They have avoided taking any responsibility for the almost inevitable total failure of the Ecoboost 2.0L engines provided from around 2017 to around 2020. Ford redesigned this engine using an ill conceived design that has proven to fail and refuses to be responsible for their grievous engineering error. This defacto denial of responsibility is outrageous.


    2017 Ford Edge Ecoboost 2.0 Engine Issues same as other 2.0 liter ecoboost engines have coolant leaking into cylinders. Need recalls and Ford fix their engine issues. Have to replace long block 6600. Own it Ford.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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