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2020 Escape intermittent powertrain fault

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    We purchased our 2020 Escape Platinum hybrid and love the fuel economy,
    The intermittent powertrain fault we have is two fold. While on vacation in a very desolate part of Utah, the wrench light came on. We stopped and looked into the owners manual to see what that indicated and it said it was a drivetrain fault and to get into the dealer asap. We’re over 1000 miles from home at that time, and a couple hundred miles from the nearest Ford dealer. We decided to continue on since we had no choice other than find a dealer. We drove another 7-8 miles and the light went off. We continued on our vacation and it never appeared again. Once we got home, we made an appointment with the dealer where the car was purchased- it took over 3 weeks to get an appointment. We took the car in and after keeping it there for 2 days they said they couldn’t determine what was wrong and sent us on our way. Last year on another vacation, the light came on again when we were in Washington Olympic Nat’l Park. Once again, the light went off after driving a short distance.
    We took a picture of the dash so we had a time and date stamped photo as proof. Back to the dealer it went, they said they couldn’t find anything again. Long story shortened up a bit, this has happened a total of 4 times to date. Each time we take a picture of the dash for proof. The dealer had the car for an entire week the last time and still say they can’t find any issues. We are concerned we have a lemon and is just a moment away from leaving us stranded somewhere. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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