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2020 Lincoln Corsair Tire issues

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    I had faulty tire issues on my 2020 Lincoln Corsair with 23000 miles I had to pay $300 to have them replaced and also an alignment problem. This is the car’s at lease at the end of the lease I will turn this car in and no way to recoup the $300 cost


    Not sure if you have the Grand Touring model or not. For any heavy vehicle like the GT model or any EV model, they weigh a lot more than gasoline engine only models. That means about every 2-3 years needing to replace the tires as they will wear quicker due to the weight of the batteries and hybrid drive train. I used to wonder why my Ford Explorer Sport Trac used to need new tires about every 24000 miles and eventually the tire guys told me that is not uncommon at all due to heavy weight of pickups and EVs. I would not complain about new tires needed at 23,000 from the OEMs. I ended up moving to Bridgestone tires with a warranty of 60,000 miles and that last set was well into 50,000 miles and still looking pretty new. So it could be any number of factors such as weight of the vehicle, weight distribution, weather, terrain, highway versus local street driving, driving style, braking style, tire manufacturer and tire grading. Your mileage will vary.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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