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2022 Ford Bronco Outerbanks Transmission Problem

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    I have a 2022 Ford Bronco outerbanks with less than 1000 miles and I towed it from San Diego to Hemet because of a transmission problem. At that time there was a wrench saying need to service vehicle. I took it to Hemet Ford who put it on the computer which showed only a minor battery problem and Hemet Ford cleared the computer and said nothing else appeared to be wrong. I towed it to Camp Verde, Az. When I reached the destination I discovered the Bronco would not get out of the towing mode and drive.
    The next morning I called Ford Towing assistance and was towed to Jones Ford. Later they proceeded
    to remove the transmission oil pan and discovered parts that led them to determine something had happened to the transmission. They indicated that I had not towed the vehicle properly. They said their transmission technician referred to a hot doc letter from December 2021 regarding towing the Bronco. My Bronco was built in January 2022 and I received it on March 7 2022. Nothing was said about towing problems from the dealer. I went to another dealer to confirm how to put the bronco into towing mode. In Hemet I again said I was towing the Bronco and said I had followed the towing instructions from the owners manual and had I done it correctly. The service rep in Hemet said yes I had.
    I haven’t been able to get any additional information from either Jones Ford or Ford Motor Customer Service. I just keep
    calling them and not receiving any concrete answers as to any status of the situation. I have more information I can forward when needed

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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