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2022 Ford Bronco Sport rear brakes squeak

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    2022 Ford Bronco Sport Rear Brakes squeak backing out of my parking space first thing in the morning? I asked Ford dealership what is the fix and they said they do not currently have one, however they will replace the current pads, with like pads and turn the rooters, but no guarantees this will resolve the noise issue.

    I asked the dealership if the rear linings with higher friction design may be a fix and they said they would talk with there parts department and see what they have to say about that

    Has other Ford Authority members experienced this same issue, and if so, do you park your Bronco in areas near the coast where there is generally nighttime moisture, as I have ?

    Has anyone found a fix through there dealership?


    Yes I have had the same problem for over a year. Being told initially they are unable to fix the problem to there was a recall on the front brake liner pads which did not fix the problem. I am beyond frustrated that they can say this is normal. I have never had this problem with any vehicle I owned and they would never sell the vehicle on the lot if it made that noise.


    I too have the squealing back brakes and was told it’s a Ford thing. NOT the answer I want!
    I bought a brand new vehicle and it sounds like a piece of crap. Just started is a squeal under the hood that sounds like a belt. I haven’t addressed that yet.


    I also am having the same problem with my new Ford bronco squeaking when I back up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s turning to the right or the left I wish ford would address this issue.


    Update to original post of July 30, 2022 Rear brakes squeaking.
    I reached out to my Ford Dealership via phone and then in person, and on October 10, 2022 the service department had the rear brake shoes/pad assemblies replaced, and the rear rotors machined, the Bronco had 10,150 miles at the time of repair. When I left the dealer the brakes worked as designed and the next morning there was no squeaking and the repair seem to have resolved the issue. I have just turned 14,100 miles and the rear brakes are still working without squeaking, as one would expect.
    The service writer, Jesus and the service manager Jason Green were both professional and interested in getting this matter addressed which I appreciated. I’ll update my post should there be any issues moving forward.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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