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2022 Maverick build and order process

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    As one of what I am sure are thousands of customers waiting for their 2022 Maverick build for almost a year, I am shocked at the lack of communication from Ford.
    I can understand and sympathize with the lack of chips and other parts to build these vehicles. What I can’t understand is why Ford is not more forthcoming with news as to what’s going on, and how the order process will work. Instead I have to rely on rumors, misinformation, and wild speculation found on various forums.
    I worked for 28 years as a public information officer for a state law enforcement agency. One quickly learns that when you fail to take control of the message, others will attempt to do so. If Ford has an office of consumer information and a spokesperson, they have completely dropped the ball in disseminating information about the Maverick production and order process. Is there an actual date for reorder as 2022 orders roll over to become 2023’s? How will that process work? Will people who have had an order for months have priority over those who place new orders? What do customers need to do and what do dealers need to do to get things converted and get their vehicle in the shortest possible time? Most of all, what is the huge secret here that the questions customers are asking can’t be answered?
    One would hope that someone from Ford reads some of the posts in forums and takes the pulse of their customers. If so, they would know the questions being asked and could conceivably publish an official FAQ site. Would this not be far preferable than dealing with the disinformation we’re getting from various non-official forums?
    We understand these are challenging times and surely Ford is not producing all the vehicles they would like to. What we don’t understand is why Ford can’t be more forthcoming with accurate information and specifics on what’s being done to address some of these problems.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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