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2022 Powerboost F-150 Wrong Gateway Control Module Installed During Production

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    Having taking delivery on my new 2022 Powerboost F-150 on October 12th 2022 (Ordered March 23rd 2022), and initializing the Fordpass App successfully. Along with scheduled starts M-F for mornings and afternoons.

    Around December 8th or so of 2022, I began to get notifications of FAILED Starts in the Fordpass App. At first I thought it was due to starting the vehicle prior to the start time and most likely the scheduled start did not occur. After a few days of the notifications, I realized that the remote capabilities of the Fordpass App had ceased to work. I.E. Horn, Lights, Vehicle Status including the location and On-Board Power. I reached out to Fordpass Support and they had me run through some testing and reset steps (Door open close-button sequences). This did not work to regain connectivity. I was then told that there would be an escalation of the issue for the sr. support staff to review the logs on the modem in my 2022 F-150. Additionally, the Fordpass rep stated that there had been a systems issue with Fordpass on or around the same time that the remote capabilities ceased to function. Including the Compass on the “Home” screen.

    As requested I waited 3-5 business days for a response and I did not receive a live call back. A little frustrated I called in to the Fordpass support desk, provided the case # initially given and went through similar testing and master reset steps with no avail.

    At which point the Fordpass rep suggested that this issue be taken to my local dealer and they were kind enough to warm transfer me (Pre-announce my info and issue) to my local dealer.

    A few weeks had past and we are now into late January 2023. After dropping the 2022 Powerboost F-150 at my local dealer, I received a call from the service rep indicating that the Gateway Control Module that was installed in my truck was not the correct part-number and they opened a COPUS case with Ford Parts to assist in identifying the correct Gateway Control Module. Having not received the info in a timely manner they put my trucks dash back together (With a small blue frame clip left on the floor and a smudge/abrasion on the horizontal dash trim (Not Happy About That).

    At this point I am awaiting the part (Which I understand to be identified) to be delivered to the dealer and then installed.

    I understand that most items in the build-list are automated and perhaps this Module was hand-picked!

    It did work for 8 weeks and then failed to connect Sync 4 to the internet.

    All of this started because I received the message in Fordpass that there was a failed start, including a message in Fordpass “Sorry, there was an error and were unable to complete your request to change authorization rights on “Vehicle Label”. Please try again later.

    Will keep you folks posted – POWERBOOST-2022F-150.

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