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Amazon Vendor Donates To The 2020 Connect Build

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    We’ve had some trouble with selecting the correct end links as the Duralast, Moog & Mevotech end links are too large and come in contact with the inner firewall/frame well. We’ve tried all of these end links only to witness deep marring on the firewall and frame. At one point these end links became lodged between the firewall and coil springs. We’ve contacted Duralast (Dorman) Moog & Mevotech in an effort to let them know that even though they have these end links listed for the 2020 Connect our test proved that these links should not be used on the van. Dorman was the only company that contacted us back and wanted to make up for this mistake. They ended up sending a lessor end link which we’ve been using until a better solution has been found. So beware sites like Rockauto & summitracing still list these links as fitting the 2020 Connect. But take our word for it.. They don’t.
    Lastly, while searching Amazon for aftermarket parts, we learn of a vendor there claiming to be with Zeder Corp, the makers of Superpro and whiteline products. They said they wanted to help support the build and sent a set of their 300mm-345mm Volvo end links?? Yep.. with a few minor adjustments these Volvo end links should fit fine on the van once we locate the 28mm Hardrace sway bar

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