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Better way to control display auto brightness

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    When the sun is low near the horizon, the sensor get shadowed and assumes it’s become dark and dims the screens too much, particularly the navigation, to where it can’t be seen until you turn up the brightness control. On my Expedition, that control is next to the headlight switch and kinda hides behind the steering wheel from the driver’s vantage point. The brightness control is awkward to use while you’re moving and it’s annoying to lose the display while you’re using it. It would be great to have a button at the bottom of the nav display that would cycle thru the different auto brightness levels and hold the last selected one for three or four minutes before resuming the auto control. On either side of that button a secondary brightness control with dimmer on one side and brighter on the other, would finish off making the system more user friendly. Suggest you locate the three buttons on the flat level portion of the frame around the nav display.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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