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Dealership Sold My Bronco

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    Waited over 2 Years for my Bronco ordered it and reordered it twice. Finally received a vin # an a build date. Then received a shipping date and then a different one? Dealership finally called 0n a Sat. and said they were unloading my Bronco and asked when I was picking it up? I said I would be right there and they told me I couldn’t see it as they had to prep it and that wouldn’t happen until Mon. Monday afternoon I received a call as to when I was picking up my Bronco? We were out of town and I told him I couldn’t get there till a lest Wednesday. He then told me I had 24 hrs to pick up my Bronco? I told that was impossible for me to do! He then said that was O.K. as he had already sold it!!! We went back and forth on the phone until he hung-up on me!!!


    Hope you contacted Ford and also a Lawyer.


    Ford owns the vehicle until they sell it to the dealer. The dealer owns it until they sell it to a retail customer or another dealer. Even though you put money down that is not a retail vehicle purchase contract. It’s a down payment for a vehicle yet to be delivered. While it sucks that the dealer did that, I have always ordered vehicles and ALWAYS arrive within hours of getting a call from the dealer that my car was coming win that day. Drop everything and go as the dealers can easily do what they did. Example, I ordered my Corsair GT in 12/02/21 and I got the call on 01/26/22 at Noon. I was there at 3pm when it was just coming out of prep. The dealer told me they had 5 different customers offer above MSRP on the GT as it was moving about the lot. They knew I would be there asap so they did not sell it. Yeah, it sucks but when the dealer and the OEM owns most of the cards these days, you have to play the game or this will happen. Sorry that happened to you. I have always believed in dealing with large volume dealers and ones I have created a relationship with over the past 30 years. Those relationships help prevent things like your situation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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