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EV’S and People with disabilities

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    I just went over 400 mile to buy a 2022 Mach-e. The dealership had a 2022 so I bought it. I asked where all the battery charging stations were on the route home. I stopped for food and when I left I spotted a ford dealer and pulled up to the charging station but it was locked and I went inside and asked if I could charge up and was told this isn’t a public charger and was there for their customers only. I told them I just bought this car and they said I could charge up at all ford dealers.
    I went on my way and I spot a dealer in Fremont, Ohio and so I pulled in and up to their charger, no lock on it i’m saved with 18 % left on battery. I plug in and still 18% after charging. I go inside and ask if something wrong with the charger and was told again it wasn’t a public charger and so off I went again in search of a charger. I get to Huron, Ohio with 5% showing on dash board. I pull into this hotel and pull up to their charger, Darn it was a Tesla charger. Then I said there is Valley Ford of Huron so I pull into this dealer and ask to use their charger and was told the same thing about not being a public charger with 3% charge left on battery. I know I can’t make it home with 3 % charge. then the manager came up and says that He will let me charge up to 20% if I write a good story on face book so I agreed. Well I made it home with 9% left on battery. When I plugged with the charger provided with the car it says a full charge will take 95 hours. So I call upon a good electrician, myself. After buying all the stuff needed, $500 I install a 240 volt to the garage and boom a 20 mile an hour charge. On the second charge the yellow lights come the charger. I looked on the Ford forum and the people are saying the provided chargers are cheap throw aways and so More expense with a $400 charger from Home depot.
    The point of this is that I have life threatening disabilities from serving in the Marines in Viet Nam. I’m also a retired lawyer who does work with the ADA. My opinion on this matter of the Blue Oval charging network is it fails all the ADA requirements. From the purchase of said vehicle where no one went over said vehicle other than to say I can charge at any ford dealership. And another concern Is dealership mark-up on these cars after Ford anounced that the dealers can’t go above so the car I bought was marked up $10000 over sticker. I then remembered a ruling from the top court in the people vs. Mc Donalds the court ruled that even tho the stores are independant ownerships the parent company is still responcible for policies and procedures. There is nothing to warn people with disabilities about traveling in an EV auto. We can not have people with life threatening disabilities sitting on the side of the roads.

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