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F150 Chip Shortage

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    Can anyone help me I’m been waiting for my F150 since August of 2021 apparently there is a F150 chip shortage, I call the my Dealer and they have no clue. Who can I call that might have an honest answer? Any response is appreciated.


    How’s the wait? Delivery yet?


    I just received an email from Ford. Says they are going to update orders every 45 days. They are still experiencing shortages & also dealing with planning for 2023. Days they will be honest and open. My dealer says, some models are shifted to 2023 others are not. Only time will tell. 45 days is a long time. Also talked to Z orders, they are also talking late fall when they said June a few months ago. Just in time manu does not work in these times. Country & industries were asleep at the wheel and we have to rethink allowing globalization . It’s a mirage.


    My F150 was ordered October 2021 built and released June 9, 2022 and categorized awaiting shipment. Ford website says that notification means a few days or a couple of weeks. It has now been a month. I have no idea when to expect it. It’s collecting dust. Frustrating


    My F150 3.5L Powerboost was scheduled and built June 16th. Ford has given me 3 different arrival weeks so far. Dealer has no idea as to where the truck is, or if it has even shipped yet. Anyone have a phone number to contact Ford customer service to see where it may be. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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