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Ford Neglecting Lincoln?

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    What is going on with the 2022 Aviator? Why does it still only have SYNC 3? So no wireless CarPlay 🙁 and also No BlueCruise/ActiveGlide 🙁


    Yes!! I held of waiting to order a ‘22 model expecting sync4 and BlueCruise to be included. Not waiting another year to find out if they are going to update. At the price they are asking for the Aviator these things must be included.


    All the models are on a different schedule for Sync 4. The 22 Corsair still has Sync 3.4 but I use a cheap dongle inside the console that allows me to have wireless Apple CarPlay easily. Purchase off Amazon as there are many 3rd party vendors of these Airplay dongles. I have zero complaint about Sync 3.4. It works fine. The only advantage of Sync 4 is online updating and that has little value to me.


    Those dongles are unreliable. And a $95,000 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring, it should have SYNC4 when a sub-$30k Ford has it standard. The 2023 Aviator still doesn’t have either SYNC4 or ActiveGlide.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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