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Fusion Hybrid to Energi?

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    Hey Ford fam! 👋
    So, I’ve been rocking a 2018 Fusion Hybrid Titanium for a while now, and it’s been absolutely amazing. Seriously, this car is smooth, fuel-efficient, and has all the bells and whistles. Love it!
    BUT… (there’s always a but, right? 😅) I recently switched jobs, and now my daily commute is a measly 10 miles. Makes me kinda sad to not be taking full advantage of the PHEV’s capabilities.
    That’s why I’m considering trading up to a Fusion Energi. The plug-in hybrid life seems perfect for my situation. Short commutes on electric power, but still the gas engine for those occasional longer trips.
    So, here’s the deal:
    I’ve got a 2018 Fusion Hybrid Titanium in great condition (minus a little dent on the rear bumper, oops!). Carfax is clean, and she’s got about 80k miles on the clock.
    Looking to trade for a 2018 or newer Fusion Energi with less than 100k miles. I’m willing to cover the price difference, of course.
    Alternatively, if someone’s interested in buying my Hybrid outright, I’m open to that too! Asking $19k, but I’m a little flexible. 😉
    Located in Jacksonville, IL.
    What I’m curious about:
    For Energi owners: What do you love about it? Any downsides I should be aware of?
    Anyone out there made a similar switch from Hybrid to Energi? How’d it go?
    Any Jacksonville folks interested in a trade or purchase?
    Hit me up if you have any thoughts or are interested! Thanks, everyone!


    Hey there! So, about your question: honestly, I wouldn’t sweat it. What kind of MPG are you getting now? Like 45? Fusion Hybrids are already top-notch, so you’re rocking some seriously low consumption. Plus, think about the price jump to a PHEV. I’d guess at least $6k, especially if you want all the bells and whistles like Sync 3, LED lights, city stop, keyless entry, etc., you know, all the Titanium goodies. 😉

    I’m still down to buy your car if we do the whole official thing at a Ford dealer, get it checked out, and use a bill of sale to ensure all the papers are legit. Oh, and if we can wiggle down to $17k, haha. But honestly, just my two cents, you might not come out ahead considering the extra cash you’d need to snag a decent Energi.


    If anyone is interested – we can do the whole official thing at a Ford dealer, get it checked out, and use a legit bill of sale.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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