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Is Ford dishonest about the federal tax credit?

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    Is Ford dishonest about the federal tax credit? Ford continues to be dishonest by advertising that EV buyers will “Possibly Be Eligible for the Federal Tax Credit”. They are very near the 200,000 cap when the $7500 is cut to $3750 than to $1875. They have accepted more Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, E Transit Van and Escape plug-ins Orders that will pass it in the next quarter. IF one believes the Corporate Executives their backlogs stretch into the 2nd quarter 2023.

    Then NO TAX CREDITS will be available.

    Of course Congress is still dithering. Better for the Auto Industry if they Pass The Chip Industry support program that the Senate and House cannot agree on details.

    Dealers ask your on-order clients what they think??


    Congress passed the bill and so did the senate this week. President Biden will sign it on Monday, so announced here in Washington this week. Besides, that tax credit has some dependence on income (like you don’t get it if you income is over $150K). It also is limited to US based EVs and content coming from US suppliers. It also has limits on the price like $55k and over MSRP means no tax credit last I read the details. Let’s see what comes out next week before reacting.


    Yes. Ford is dishonest about the tax rebate. When I was foolish enough to purchase my “edsel”, in Oct. of ’23,I asked the salesman why I was only getting half the rebate, he said quote, “Thats just the way Ford does it”.
    Of course we all know now , it was the battery that did not meeting domestic production rules. I thought i was buying an American car. Nope.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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