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Learning to drive a 2022 Mach E

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    My wife and I are in our mid 70’s and expecting our new 2022 Mach E Premium to arrive any day now.

    How steep is the learning to drive curve after transitioning from a ’13 Fusion?

    Any tips or advice?


    Since I own a ’16 Fusion I can relate somewhat. I am looking at the Mach e very seriously and have read a lot about it but have yet to drive it. However, it shares two major characteristics all EVs have that makes the driving experience much different than from an internal combustion engine car: First, no engine noise (other than generated by the computer in the car to simulate some similar experience). You will find that this will take some getting used to as the traditional feedback is no longer there. No feeling of an engine. No transmission shifts. Acceleration is effortless and without the feeling of engine revving as the transmission drops down a gear for passing or merging onto a freeway. So there is some re-configuration of the experience you have been used to for many years. And, Braking is a bit different as well..especially in re-gen mode. Some drivers have reported the brakes feel “grabbier” than they were used to. So there is that adjustment.
    In sum the Mach e is a very high performance EV as opposed to a more sedate Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt (both of which I’ve tested and found to be peppy but sedate vehicles and oh so quiet without the hum of a motor or the feedback of a transmission). It must be respected for what it is with all that Electric horsepower potential built it.
    And the last is Power. The Mach e is a very powerful beast as are most EVs as the energy from the battery is direct to the pavement (no driveline losses). Acceleration is very quick…quicker than you are probably used to in the Fusion. And the Mach will get up to speed very quickly so the tendancy to speed is there. One needs to think a bit about driving the vehicle during the “honeymoon” period.
    While I applaud you for making a sounder environmental choice for transport (I drive 25000 miles a year and am looking at EVs very seriously) I would urge you to be very careful. Without sounding ageist, I will say that I’m a touch slower now at 58 than I was at 28. You have mentioned you are about a decade and a half older. As we age our reaction times slow down. This has been proven by many studies. For that reason, my wife has forbidden me from riding motorcycles (a large number of fatalities recently have been among older bikers statistically). So I would close by saying be careful and be conservative as you get to know the new Mach e. Spent some time in an empty parking lot parking it and turning it. Spend some time on empty freeway getting to know it’s handling characteristics. Pretend you’re a teen again and Dad has given you the keys to practice down at the local supermarket before it opens. It’s a whole new mode of transportation than what you’re used to and one should take care to acclimate. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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