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Lincoln Corsair PHEV Availability & Competition

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    Now that the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV model is being built and shipped, I’m interested in hearing reactions from people who are shopping for one, how the shopping/dealer experience is going, and which competitive PHEV models they are also considering. For those lucky people who have already purchased/leased one, how they enjoy their vehicle, how the dealer experience has gone, and which vehicles they also considered. Would appreciate your honest (and polite) impressions.


    I got mine in January, 2022 and love the GT. It is the best vehicle of my long 68 years. Totally quiet inside, ride is incredible, and sound system superb. I get incredible mileage as I drive mostly EV mode all the time. I’ve filled up twice since January and it has an 11 gallon tank! Most of my trips are under 20 miles per day and I charge up every day when I return home. Rarely pay for gasoline. I ordered mine on 12/2/21 and took delivery on 01/26/22. The dealer was Ted Britt Lincoln in Chantilly, VA. They are the 4th largest Lincoln dealer by volume on the east coast so that helps with allocation these days and quicker delivery times.

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    I looked at the Mach E before purchasing the Corsair. Mustang came only with black interior, disapointed.
    Took Delivery of Corsair Grand Touring in Sept 2022. Great small SUV but plenty of room for 2 retirees.
    Like the rear seat “track” lets you adjust fore/aft for greater leg room. Getting great gas mileage 50+ mpg
    and using short trips mainly around town 23 miles per charge. If I take a long trip and the battery goes to
    zero, the engine and brakes keep a small charge in the battery, but mileage drops to about 42 mpg, still not bad. Also I got a $6800 tax credit to buy this vehicle which really helped me make the decision to buy
    the Corsair. Styling is great, ordered in April 2022 so about 6 months to get it to the dealer. Used Varsity
    Lincoln i Wixom to purchase. Love the choice of 5 “drive modes” and can switch to electric only for around town. In cold weather slightly poorer mileage as the engine must start and run about ten minutes before switching to all Electric mode. Handled well in snow too using modes “slippery” and “deep snow”. Love this SUV great ride, and comes with 50K bumper to bumper warranty and 70K powertrain warranty. 4.000 miles to date and zero defects so far.


    I ordered a 2023 Corsair Grand Touring in early January 2023. Other than an acknowledgement email from Lincoln that they had received the order, I have heard nothing. Guess I will hear something eventually.

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    There was a six week delay in production due to software issues for 2023. The assembly plant will notify the dealer when your vehicle production date will be. The Dealer will then send you an email showing production date. I ordered a 2022 on March 3, Took delivery on September 10, 2022. Worth the wait.
    I hope the auto industry will resolve the chip shortage. On my Hybrid Corsair, they eliminated the foot activated tailgate due to chip shortage, and then built the vehicle. Then they gave me a credit for this
    option not being included in my order. In my case I would much rather have the vehicle built that wait for
    the tailgate option.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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