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    My 4 month old Corsair with 4500 miles on it went in the shop on June 28 and I can’t get anyone that cares. When I leased the car Lincoln made certain assurances like having a Lincoln loaner. It is now 4 weeks later and they gave me a Toyota and I can’t get anyone to help me get my car back!!!! As a 20+ year Lincoln Mercuery owner -lessee I have been treated like a 3rd class citizen. The dealer that has my car is the dealer I leased it from and I get nothing except we will call when ready so stop calling. Not good customer service!!!!! Don’t you all agree


    If your looking for customer service on anything your in the wrong universe. Try the continental 3.7 Internal Waterpump that blew on it, $12.000, with no customer service


    When I got my Corsair back with 4500 miles on it. The passenger heated and cooled seat did not work and the rear heated seat did not work . They worked when it went in for major repairs. But, I wasn’t about to give them the car back. I waited until maintenance with another dealer and they fixed the problems.


    If after a couple of weeks and they can’t fix it or refuse to give it back, I’d start the lemon law process and BBB or even threaten arbitration. That can and should wake up the dealer. Call the owner of the dealership and advise your situation and if they can’t get the car fixed you are implementing lemon law.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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