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    I own a 2020 Platinum F-150 I’ve seriously owned a model of every vehicle I’ve bought. When I sell I give the model to the new owner which they apreaciate. Now I’ve found F-150 models Pickups on line but none are platinums ive found a Lariat believe it or not not a 2020 but close in the year to my truck. My question is does Ford make models of their trucks and maybe King Ranch editions? Maybe even paint colors as on the real truck. Years ago back in the 90’s I bought a wrecked Ford Cobra that had this paint that changed color in the sun. I worked at a paint and body shop first job before the Navy, anyway I worked hard to fix that mustang and I did and I repainted the passenger side that was tore up. When I was done it looked brand new but it took to end of summer to finally finish that car. Anyway I wanted a model with the exact same paint, since we already had the paint mixed I had a mustang I took apart and used a sand blaster to remove the paint and with the left over paint after painting my car I shot the model and like the real mustang I premiered the car wet sanded the model I know crazy but I was in high school and remember when you were 16? At any rate ya I sprayed it with two coats and of course clear coats, and polished it dam it looked Awsome and my friends wanted me to paint them one. While my younger brother got it after I left for the Navy and played with it, it was not in the condition I had hoped but I took my real mustang out of storage had Ford help me replace the parts after sitting eight years and it took me time to buy the parts just starting a new job. But I kept the storage unit until I got it running right and finally it was fixed and had it waxed looking like new and everyone said it was a unique color wanted to know was that Fords paint or had I repainted it? I would say, well half of the paint is, and some of it I repainted it. They looked confused but I would explain I bought it wrecked. At any point I always thought why don’t car manufacturers paint models with the real paint used on the real vehicles they sale, as opposed to letting some China or Korea company spray cheap paint on a model of a vehicle and never the color the person wants? Now I’m reading Ford has models they have of their vehicles and so will Ford paint the actual colors and will Ford have like XLT or Lariat models which say which model? What about 2020 F-150 truck models with different trim listed all the way up to a Limited. If so let me know thanks. Have a great day to whom all who have read my long over drawn message.

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