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Our 2020 Connect Gets a Catch Can

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    After replacing the EGR Valve this lead to other issues with our 2020 Transit Connect 2.0L turns out it has all not near all to do with the throttle body, which when one removes the intake accordion, would show you that the flapper inside the throttle body has a small amount of something black on it. First thought would suggest a small amount of carbon build up. But after cleaning with throttle body cleaner, turns out it’s residue/oil from the breather vent hose attached at the rear of the upper valve cover leading to the intake accordion tube. After making this discovery, it’s time to add a catch can along those lines or between the rear of the valve cover and the intake accordion. As far as we can tell no one in the Transit Connect community has ever done this. Yet the Focus and Fiesta community have done this and it’s been extremely difficult to access the port located behind the exhaust manifold. Our case, it will be easier to install, but finding a catch can mounting location has proven difficult. So to anyone having lack of throttle response poor fuel economy, clean your throttle body, then see if you need to install a catch can.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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