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The Fall of Ford

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    I am not personally familiar with the peopke running the show but I feel you are making HUGE MISTAKES in Ford’s future.
    Taking away options on a given vehicle so there’s just one choice AND ONE PRICE or even ditching the brochures would absolutely make me pause in my purchase decisions. You’re removing all the fun and excitement of the purchase! I like the brochures we can browse and make notes on [the online must be restarted multiple times to get somewhere near what you need] and we like more than
    white/brown/black/red on trucks. Choices in interiors/exteriors has already shrunk unless you go to a much more expensive model which means maybe one or two more colors. If 25% of your income is from Super Duty, I would rethink future options and count yourself lucky to have loyal Ford fans!
    Living in the Midwest, the nearest EV station is 35 miles from here and is a commercial #2…providing charge for 45 miles in 3 to 5 hours AND charges 20 cents per killiwatt instead of the usual 12 cents. Yeah, I’m going to go electric…but not in this lifetime. I wonder how many people live in the Midwest? Just food for thought.


    Unfortunately, Ford has bought into all the BS “climate hype” about EVs. Electric pickups don’t have nearly the tow capacity that fuel trucks have. And, like you said, it takes forever to charge them up, if you can find a #2 charging station…..which probably gets its power from fossil fuel generation plants. Who do “they” think they are kidding? Oh! I know………the dummies who don’t understand the physics of this planet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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