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Transit 2022 production underway?

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    I placed an order for a 2021 gasoline-powered Transit in August of 2021. In November the order was re-confirmed as a 2022 and up-priced (by Ford) by about $1600. Ford Authority’s list of Production dates says production should have started on gas-powered Transits on January 3, 2022 (actually it says Jan 3rd 2021, but I assume that’s a typo). Do we know if that production date was good or if it was missed? And do we know if the orders being prioritized are customer orders (with money down) or dealer/direct orders?

    I’m just hoping to get some idea of when my order might be produced so I can get together with my custom camper conversion builder and get things ready (components ordered, designs settled, etc.) for a build effort having minimal delay.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.



    Im in the same situation. I ordered a gasoline 2022 ford transit in september 2021. I recived one email from Ford indicating that my order was recieved. The dealer who sold it to me says he will let me know when he hears somthing. I plan to have the van converted into camper van. I understand the geopolitical chalanges and that comercial clients like amazon come first. However I would apreciate it if Ford would demenstrate good will and give me some guidence on build date and provide me with an assurance that pricing at order date will be honored.


    Same situation. Ordered mine in Sept. of 2021. Build was finished end of Feb. 2022. It has been on hold at plant since April waiting for a microchip and we are coming up on a year since we ordered. Frustrated beyond words as I’ve seen articles stating that Ford is prioritizing chips for their vehicles that are biggest money makers. Can’t imagine what sitting in a yard for 4 months unmoved does to a vehicle. If that is the case, it sure says a lot about how they value longtime customers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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