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    I placed an order for a 2021 gasoline-powered Transit in August of 2021. In November the order was re-confirmed as a 2022 and up-priced (by Ford) by about $1600. Ford Authority’s list of Production dates says production should have started on gas-powered Transits on January 3, 2022 (actually it says Jan 3rd 2021, but I assume that’s a typo). Do we know if that production date was good or if it was missed? And do we know if the orders being prioritized are customer orders (with money down) or dealer/direct orders?

    I’m just hoping to get some idea of when my order might be produced so I can get together with my custom camper conversion builder and get things ready (components ordered, designs settled, etc.) for a build effort having minimal delay.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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