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Unwanted addition to my newly delivered 2022 Maverick

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    After waiting 9 months for my Lariat Crew Cab all wheel
    Drive Maverick, I took delivery in August, after 7 weeks in “transport”. All seemed well upon delivery, but every day since, when I entered the truck there was a foul odor.
    Initial visual inspection revealed no unusual findings, but as it worsened, I discovered an add on item not listed on my build list.

    A partially decomposed (dead) mouse covered in flies under the back seat up against the back wall of the cab.
    I will spare you looking at the photo.
    I’ll see how long it takes for this “option” to clear or whether more hidden gems are yet to be found.
    Dealer is coming to get it as the odor was permeated
    All of the interior.

    No doubt the 5+ weeks it was sitting in AZ “ in route” led to infestation.

    Joseph Furst
    Western NC

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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