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Upgrade Your Transit Connect’s Suspension For Less Than 4K

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    Although Ford has listed the Transit Connect as being a “truck” we view it as something more. So, for those of you interested in knowing what it takes and how much it cost to install a sports suspension for a 2019-2023 Transit Connect, Here’s a list of recommended performance parts that we’ve successfully installed on our 2020 Connect:

    Bilstein B6 Struts = $134.00 ea.
    Bilstein B6 Shocks = $144.00 ea.
    Eibach or Cobra Suspension 40mm Lowering Springs = $100.00 (Rear Set Only)
    Super-Pro Adjustable End Links = $129.59 (Front Set)
    Random Set of 19” Wheels = $300.00 ea.
    Random Set of 245/40/r19 Tires = $340.00 ea.
    Wheel/Hub Rings = $25.00 (Pack of 4)
    Budge Acorn Tuner Lugs = $78.00 (Set of 20 Lugs)
    Powerstop Carbon Fiber/Ceramic Pads = $80.00 (Set of 4)

    Note: Lowering Spring Kits typically have a 20mm front spring and a 40mm rear spring. These kits will work on vans with 16”, 17” & 18” wheels. However the 20mm front spring will not work on van’s with 19” or 20” inch wheels without rolling the fenders. If you’re running 19” or 20” wheels,

    The Bilstein B6 Struts will work with the factory front coil springs.. But you may need to cut 5mm-8mm off the front coil spring in order to level off the van as there is a height difference of approx. 10mm-15mm as compared to the rear coil springs. This means that our van is lower at the rear than the front. Installation of the rear coil springs will took less than 40 min but the lower shock mount will need to be disconnected and the rear dead axle will need to be supported.

    Installing lowering springs is NOT recommended for hauling. If One is planning on Hauling or towing, They will need to have a air bag system installed.

    Here’s what can one expect with this setup:

    With the van being lowered, The ride can be rough at times. The best and first thing anyone should do is install a set of the adjustable end links. We found that Ford installed a set of their 12” end links and these are actually too long. Aftermarket companies have also create 12” end links that are too long. This forces the sway bar down to a -20° angle. it is recommend that the sway bar be positioned at -10° / Level / +10°.

    The Super-Pro and other end links for the Connect, measured 12” or 300mm. In order to correctly align the sway bar, we cut 1/4” off each end link center rods then reattached the ball joints ending up with 11.5 inch or 292mm end link. Installing these modified end links, tightened up the front end significantly and the van corners extremely well, So much so that we may not need to install the 28mm Hardrace sway bar. Body roll has been reduced and the van will turn on a dime.

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