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What is the 2023 Super Duty Order Bank Timeframe?

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    What is the 2023 Super Duty Order Bank Timeframe? Noob all around, first to the site/forum and potentially first time Ford buyer. I am looking into an F350 and am looking to see if anyone can give me some more potentially “truthful” expectations on when the 2023 Super Duty order banks will open up so I can put in my order. I have been in contact with 4 dealerships and each have given me a different month.

    1. July
    2. August
    3. October
    4. gave a specific date of 12/22/22

    The 4th dealer told me all other dealers were not telling the truth since Ford opens the order banks for all dealers at the exact same time regardless of sales throughput etc. And yes I know even when they open I will be waiting even longer for actual delivery. I have been reading posts on how long many waited for their 2022.

    Any insights are very much appreciated.



    Spoke to dealer about $2500 coupon received in mail from Ford. Have to wait until delivery to see if they accept it. Yes, it is in the computer. Contend vehicle was ordered prior to coupon receipt but if it was still pending maybe…..asked dealer if I should order my NEXT vehicle when this one is delivered. Lol all around. You have to keep your sense of humor.


    The only thing I heard from my dealer is 2023 Order Bank will open up around October 17, 2022, but they will still be building the 2022 Super Duty up until December 22nd then after the New Year will switch over to the 2023 model and any folks who’s 2022 Super Duty wasn’t build will get 1st priority at a 2023, is this the TRUTH I have no idea, only repeating what I was told.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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