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Ford Explorer Refresh Pushed Back To 2025 Model Year: Exclusive

Over the past several months, Ford Authority has reported extensively on the forthcoming, refreshed Ford Explorer, all while spotting numerous prototypes as well – many devoid of any type of camouflage. This typically signals that a debut is very close, and as such, many assumed that the refreshed Ford Explorer would launch in the coming months for the 2024 model year. However, sources familiar with the matter have now told Ford Authority that the Ford Explorer refresh has instead been pushed back to the 2025 model year.

While the refreshed Ford Explorer now won’t launch until the 2025 model year, production of the 2024 model is expected to only last a total of two months – January and February of next year. At the same time, 2024 will represent a carryover year for the popular crossover, with little to no changes in store. Production of the 2025 Explorer is expected to commence in late March 2024, but as is always the case, these dates are subject to change.

While we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the refreshed Ford Explorer to arrive, we already know quite a bit about what we can expect from the revised model when it does make its long-awaited debut. For starters, the crossover will feature revised styling on the outside, at least as it pertains to the front and rear fascias. Interestingly, this seemingly doesn’t apply to the Timberline, however, which was recently spotted with the same front end as the current model, though that could change with this news.

Meanwhile, the new Active trim will be added to the Explorer lineup, which may replace the XLT in the refreshed lineup. The high-performance ST will continue to be offered, however. Inside the cabin, the refreshed Explorer is set to receive a host of updates as well, which include a larger, standard touchscreen, as well as a revised center stack and dashboard.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Michael

    I’m an all Ford household + an extra mustang.

    I can officially say that Ford is now totally asleep at the wheel outside of the f150. This explorer has been a quality disaster and they can’t even refresh the rental grade interior in a timely manner. No edge replacement. Mustang loaded with screens and Camaro cues. Bronco has been a supply line disaster and costs an extra $10k more than it should. Etc.

    At this rate none of my household will be Ford when we update.

    1. ManuNava1776

      I am fully with you on how you feel! Been a Ford guy ever since I bought a new 1991 Ford Escort GT in May of 1990 when I was nineteen . Have only purchased new Ford’s for me & the famiglia ever since then. I am planning on retiring at the end of this December and have been planning on ordering a new truck with my payout. An F150 or F250 Tremor had been in the plans, but with the lack of QC, and plethora of of recalls & campaigns across their range, I am believing strongly now that I’ll need to shop elsewhere. Ford, if you are reading this, I am trying to decide if a Sierra 1500 ATX w/ the diesel & reg. bed or a Sierra 2500 HD ATX4 w/ the diesel & reg. bed will be parked in my garage at some point next year….. Oh, and I even have the color picked out; Thunderstorm Gray.

      So, WAKE THE F UP, FORD!! Your loyal customers and fans have quickly tired of the BS coming out of Dearborn for some time now. Cut ties with Farley, STOP with the constant push for full electrification, and make quality control the priority over so many damn, useless features, gadgets, & tech. that’s constantly being pushed out, seemingly in beta mode!

      1. Phylster

        Guarantee that either of the GM trucks will also be loaded with “useless features, gadgets, & tech.” They all are now, unless you buy a WT stripper, which the AT4X’s aren’t.

    2. bob dobson

      As a 21 ST owner I couldn’t agree more.

    3. DJ

      Totally agree! We have driven a Ford (particulary the Explorer) for years and planned to purchase a new Platinum Explorer.
      Looking at the new design and hearing about the 2024/2025 models… not going to happen.
      Ford… since the introduction of the redesigned 2020 Explorer, quality and design are lacking greatly when you had such a great thing going.
      We have yet to understand the need to elongate and do away with front wheel drive and go to rear wheel drive… “?”
      To who’s advantage was it to make these changes?
      Ford, instead of moving forward, in our opinion, you have gone totally backwards in so many ways!!
      We are now forced to look away from Ford.

    4. Midwestern Joe

      @Michael: Same here buddy!!! I’ve been a diehard Ford guy since a young teenager, but now I’m done. When they stopped making sedans, that was pretty much it for me. Both my Ford Fusions have over 200,000 miles a piece, and they still run like champs!!! ….and I’m not purchasing a F150 so I can have another “mortgage payment.” ….smh.

  2. Ford Owner

    Where is the next electric Explorer, not the VW version.

  3. Fras

    I’m not even surprised. Compared to the competition the ford Explorer is falling behind by a mile.

  4. cj

    The way that grille looks…hope its pushed back long time…lol….

  5. Michael K

    The problems with the CD6 duo (2020+ Explorer/Aviator) really goes back to Mark Fields who greenlit the project and Joe Heinrich who oversaw it. This is not really Farley’s foley as it’s made out to be, but he’s stuck cleaning it up. It is the result of a company that fails to maintain quality control processes. The CD6 project seems to have been too complex and pushed too fast for them to execute correctly, basically turning off all the barriers that Ford usually puts in place to slow down launches. And once your shipping product, it gets much harder to solve problems and takes much MUCH longer.

    1. QCX

      Aside from design issues, the Explorer is built in Ford’s lowest quality plant: Chicago. That place is full of labor problems and management issues. They also have product sabotage problems on the interceptor Explorers. Never buy a Ford product built in that factory.

      1. Shane

        Unfortunately that’s the only factory that assembles the Explorer

  6. ruffi0

    this has been a joke. my lease for my st is up in march and was expecting something refreshed.

    you literally gave china an amazing upgrade and you sit here and laugh at us. where is the 24 explorer and aviator?

    Why still sync3? Why not blue drive? What is going on?

  7. Mf

    This is an unmitigated disaster if true. That refresh is BADLY needed, the screens in the current model are absolute garbage. They need it in production in 2023, not march 2024.

  8. Annie

    It’s pathetic that China gets all the new tech and the American get garbage. The 2024 Nautilus is made only in China and was never for the American market except that now people complained and we may get a few. Why is that? Why do the Chinese get the best vehicles? Why does the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator still have the old Sync 4?

  9. Annie

    I meant to say Sync 3.


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